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We started using Doterra oils on our son.  His anxiety levels were so high, and we were concerned.  We were not comfortable going the traditional medication route.  A dear friend of mine shared with me Clary Calm. It immediately helped Matthew relax and focus.

You will find products on this page that we have found works very well for our son, Matthew. 

Intune Oil - I use this on Matthew daily for focus. I apply this via the roller ball down his spine every morning.

DDR Prime- I apply this for his brain cellular repair. It has helped him with his memory/focus. I bought a roller ball and apply to his spine every morning.

Clary Calm- I use this on him (he is teen.) It help relieve hormonal issues and calm down his nervous system.

Citrus Bliss and Balance- I mixed the two oils together 20 drops of each oil topped off with carrier oil.  He CRAVES this oil. He said it makes him where he is not so moody. It helps him to be in a good mood. I bought a roller ball and apply it on his brain stem and on his carotid artery every morning.

Lime- I use this oil every night by diffusing it in his room (he CRAVES this oil.) He said it takes the shakies out of his body and allows him to sleep.

Serenity- When needed, for deep sleep. I apply a drop to each of his big toes at bedtime.

LLV (Life Long Vitality) Vitimins and Oils.  We give one pill of each bottle every  morning. It has relieved his craving for salt and helped him be able to focus.

We also use sensory boxes, which allows Matthew to use a chin up bar to stretch his muscles and many other sensory exercises along with the weighted blankets and lap pads while traveling.