Satisfied customers sharing their thanks with us . . .

  • Here is my fur baby Doc (dog) enjoying the weighed blanket you made for his bed...he mostly just puts his head on his blanket and his rear end on mine as you can see in the pictures - at least I have the majority of my blanket back! He's laying on the red bubble side of his and the grey chevron of mine. His little brother Monty managed to swindle his way into the shot too!  March 19,  2015 Christina Sisson

  • Soooo excited! We got our 2nd weighted blanket from Pauline today. I think it is safe to say that it is a hit. Kailey laid down on the floor with it and fell asleep within minutes. We had one made for our son last month (Aspergers and ADHD) and he LOVES it! Our daughter has also always had difficulty sleeping, so we decided to get her one as well. We couldn't be happier with them!! Very high quality and reasonable price. And Pauline is wonderful to work with! I highly recommend these blankets to everyone with sleeping issues!!    March 17, 2015 Kimberly Cordray Emig

  • Just have to share this....I was tucking my little guy in at bedtime 2 nights ago when he looked at me and with a big smile stated "I just really appreciate that lady, You know the one who made me my blankie, Miss Pauline. Shes loves me right mama?" Then with a big smile and hug he said. "Night mom. God thank you for Miss Pauline. I love her bunches."                                                     March 9, 2015 Jeannette Queen

  • Our little guy with his weighted blanket!! He sleeps so much better with it! Thank you Pauline Whited for finding the perfect fabric for our little Buckeye!!                                           March 8,  2015 Melissa Chester


  • Our Amazing new blanket my little boy absolutely loves his CBJ hockey blanket ! Words can't thank you enough!     March 4, 2015 Logan Highland

  • Made it to Canada. My son loves his new blanket.

                                                                                        February 11,2015 Karolyn Reed‎

  • I loved using my weighted blanket for one night to help with my fibromyalgia. However, since then my fur baby Monty (who has had back surgery and has trouble getting comfortable) has taken over my blanket!!! He loved it so much I just ordered a custom one for him, so I can have mine back!                    February 9 2015 Christina Sisson

  • Kaleb loves his new weighted blanket. He snuggled right up with it.                          February 4  2015 Cinnamon McKinley

  • Tay just told me that he was half covered under a blankie and he wanted to come to my bed but it was just so comfy that he couldn't I asked if it was his Thomas (aka james ) blanket he said " yes, of course. I just love that blankie mom!"      February 2, 2015   Jeannette Cea Queen

  • My (not so little) little man will be 7 in a few days He has never slept the whole night thru UNTIL NOW. He is 102 pounds and 4foot 6 inches. When he comes to my bed at night I am often forced out due to his size, He takes most of the bed up and I just don't have room to sleep. I received his weighted blankie from Pauline and gave it to him. HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG IN HIS OWN BED! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAULINE!!!!!          January 30, 2015   Jeannette Cea Queen       

  • Another happy kiddo with their new weighted blanket. Thanks Pauline Whited!  January 27, 2015 Amanda Gale        
  • Pauline Whited made a weighted blanket for our son. She did an awesome job and had it ready very quickly. Here is a picture of the blanket she made and a picture of our son with his blanket.  January 26, 2015 Amanda Gale   

  • Landon loves his bob the builder weighted blanket is has been a huge therapy tool we have used daily! Definitely recommend!!!        January 26, 2015 Aleasha Redick